Our story began in 1982, and since then Sima Fam has been a leading brand in the production of wood paints and industrial thinners. After four decades of preserving exceptional quality and providing authentic products along with innovation in the wood coating industry, we are presently one of the dominant manufacturers and distributors in the Iranian market. The key to Sima Fam’s constant presence in the local and global markets is our commitment to work and after-sales services. Our team at Sima Fam does its best to always respond to our customers’ demands favorably and creatively. Sima Fam laboratory, enjoying over forty years of experience in manufacturing wood coatings as well as eliminating wood coating defects and a team of professional experts, guarantees the immutable quality and authenticity of our products. Our products are manufactured with the finest quality raw materials and are endorsed by our customers wholeheartedly. Sima Fam aims to constantly expand the horizon of products and services to the highest standards so that we fully meet the needs and expectations of our customers. Our customers, as our business partners, have always had the biggest share in our market expansion by introducing us to other consumers; this is our greatest pride, one which guides us on our path to ultimate goals.
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